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Safety officer courses are designed for individuals who are taking on health and safety responsibilities within their workplace. safety engineer course, safety engineering course duration, safety engineering course in Chennai, safety institute in Chennai, safety jobs

safety officer course are typically nationally recognised by BSS Promoted by Government of India. A safety officer training will typically teach the course delegates to understand workplace safety laws and legislations, how to conduct risk assessments and implement control measures to prevent accidents and injuries from happening. The position of safety officer is an important role within any organization and the role is usually adopted by owners and directors in smaller organizations or supervisors and managers within larger organizations.

Safety officer diploma, fire and safety course

How to become a safety office, Qualification of safety officer under factories act 1948, Under section 40(b) of the Factory Act, 1948, Government of India authorised the State Government to make it mandatory for the industrial units to appoint Safety Officer to protect the workers from occupational hazards like bodily injuries, poisoning diseases etc. Under this provision and the rules framed by the Directorate General, Factory Advisory Service and Central Labour Institute, Safety Officers have to possess formal safety education and Diploma in Industrial Safety. To fulfil the need for such qualified safety officials and to help spread of safety education, the Institute offers a one-year Diploma course in Industrial Safety.


For today's generation, Fire & Safety Engineering presents itself as an opportunity where there is a very heavy demand in industries both in India & Abroad, where job opportunities are tremendous. To cater the fast growing demand from various quarters there is only very limited coaching centres. To deliver professionally competent personnel in Fire & Safety Engineering the institute Safety Officer Institute India, best safety institute, fire safety college in chennai has taken the enterprising step to reach out to the youth, offering them a safety professional career opportunity & 100% placement assistance which if grasped has the potential to change their life as below for the better within a year of enrolment. Job Prospective are widely open in these fields not only in India but huge vacancies are available in foreign countries, abroad there you can be employed as Safety Professional like Safety Inspector, Fire Supervisor, Safety Engineer, Fire Men, Sub Officer, Safety Officer, HSE Engineer, Safety Supervisor, HSE Advisor, Safety Assistant, Fire Protection Technician and Fire Officer


Safety Officer Institute India, best safety institute offers 100% placement assistance to its students helping them secure a great safety professional career start in their professional life. The placement records of the safety institute speak volumes about it. The major highlights being the recruitment drives at SAFETY OFFICER INSTITUTE at both national and international level. The name that the institute has etched out for its well-trained safety professional workforce employed around the different corners of the globe has been the reason for its widespread success


Best safety officer course in India, best institute for safety course in india. What are the Safety Job opportunities after completion of course?
Safety Officer Institute India is offering safety professional diploma with Technical excellence hence it is very easy to get jobs like - Safety officer ,Fire Officer, Fire Engineers etc.

In most of the paper adds we observe experience but when we don't have any Experience then how could we get the job?
As Safety Officer Institute India offers maximum number Training period in different Industries and conducting modules, exercises in different hazardous environments very frequently through-out the training period. Our students will acquire practical experience and in any interview - Training test our students will be better than the experienced candidates.

Are the Safety Officer Institute safety courses accredited/ recognized?
All our safety courses are accredited and recognized by institutions, which include NBHSSA (National Board of Health & Safety Standards and Accreditation), BOSH (Board of Occupational Safety and Health) Certification by Government of India

What are the course timings?
The standard timing of our classes is from 9.30am to 5.00pm. However, the timings are subject to changes in case of certain courses. All the timings are mentioned on the Registration. We also conduct evening class for working people at our centre.

Can we do this Course in Distance Mode?
Yes, you can. Online Safety Officer Diploma courses, Online safety courses, online safety institute in Chennai, Safety Officer course online, safety course online in chennai
Safety diploma course Admission Process & Eligibility Criteria

Safety officer course, safety officer jobs, safety training institute, safety officer diploma, fire and safety course, safety engineer course, safety engineering course duration, safety engineering course in Chennai, safety institute in Chennai

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The lecturer/trainer was very informative and interesting and knew her subject well. The course meet all our needs and aspects where relevant to keep you updated on what is going on with health and safety
Exceeded my expectations course time-insufficient level of instruction-Too advanced instructor presentations-Exellent.

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